The Hangover (Birthday) Part 37

My birthday is exactly ten days after Christmas. Which makes it three days after New Year’s. And often enough, the first day back at school or work. Every year these holidays cast a long shadow over my birthday – so long that I’ve taken to calling it My Hangover Birthday.

All the energy and excitement and financial investment that goes into celebrating Christmas and then New Year’s Eve is spent and over and done by January 4. Add to that the general suckiness of January weather and it’s a really hard sell to party hard on the 4th. My closest family members loyally rally their energy to wish me a happy birthday but the truth is, no one, perhaps even me, has the wherewithal to ramp it up again for yet another round of festivities.

I think maybe, instead, I’ll adopt my half-birthday as the day of celebration. Heck, the entire United States of America is already celebrating on July 4th, maybe they’ll let me join the party. I’ll pretend all those parades and fireworks are for me. And then I’ll have the best birthday celebrations ever!

Watch out Fourth of July, I’m joining in!

Plus, since I found out that Ryan Gosling got all dressed up to wish me Happy Birthday, the hangover isn’t quite so bad!