Road Trip 2014

My sister Melanie jokes that she has a travel curse. Of course she didn’t mention the whole travel curse thing until after I’d booked the flight from Montreal to Denver not that it would have stopped me. For more than 2000 miles, we kicked that travel curse’s ass. Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania, New York and Vermont had nothing but love for us as we travelled with a truck full of furniture and boxes half way across the continent. We left the travel curse behind us and drove east, clinging to the hope of fresh starts. The days were long to be sure. But, speaking for myself, I never felt bored or overwhelmed by the length of the journey. We swapped stories and relived the awesomeness of our birthing experiences. We enumerated the ways the humid East coast would rejuvenate her thirsty skin and we oo-ed and ah-ed our way through some of America’s prettiest towns. We talked to Siri a lot – asking her about good places to eat or how far it was to Portage, Indiana, or Utica, New York. She almost always answered us honestly. Accompanied by the internet’s other vixen, Pandora, we listened to great music even through the beautiful but confounding land of Country music radio, Christian radio, and Country Christian radio. Mumford and Sons, Ben Folds, and Fun. eliminated the need to even turn on the radio.

It wasn’t all roses and meadows. In Nebraska, we drove through the kind of storm we’d never witnessed before – tornadoes, lightning and rain falling in sheets. There was the toll that wouldn’t take any kind of card so we had to dig around for the right change. We ate our fair share of fast food. Though she told me she’d rather lick car tires, fatigue and I did eventually seduce Mel into drinking Diet Coke. We missed an exit – but only one in a trip of 2100 miles isn’t so bad! I’d call these bumps. Not the doings of a travel curse.

We didn’t go all Thelma and Louise on the trip though we did feel like women with power and options and wide open roads.

On the last day of June 2014, we arrived at our destination: Burke, Vermont. That same night, Greg travelled down to Vermont and and we celebrated our 13th anniversary by snuggling up nice and close in the double bed at the local motel.

We welcomed the journey’s end to be sure. But still I was a bit sad to say good-bye to my sister and travel companion. Good thing is – she now lives in Vermont and we can visit whenever we want!


Mel arrives in the truck at Denver International Airport


Tornado forming


Leaving the storm behind and sunny skies in front of us


Chicago Hope


Wide open roads




The Green Mountains of Vermont


Journey’s End



One thought on “Road Trip 2014

  1. Awesome! US Interstate system makes a trip like this more doable (the Trans-Canada is useless). Storms in the plains can be totally epic…Got caught in one last summer in North Dakota that was downright Biblical…

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