So, You Want to Date My Friend…

What an amazing choice you are making! You don’t realize how amazing that choice is quite yet but take it from me, you’ve likely never made such a good choice in your life. This earns you some cred at the start because you’ve seen her and been drawn to her. It gives me some hope that you are a person who recognizes her awesomeness.

This woman is beyond measure. She is the pearl among the stones. She lives and loves and works with all she is. She doesn’t let fear paralyze her – even when the world has thrown every obstacle at her, upping the ante each time.  This is a woman who has looked betrayal, abandonment and even death in the eye.  She has seen how cruel life can be. And still she keeps living. And still she keeps loving. Still she carries with her the most tender heart, though she’s starting to guard it with special inside bubble-wrap these days. She has a strength rooted so deeply inside her that though broken, she keeps getting up and starting again.

You are interested in knowing her. Awesome! There is nothing I wish more for my friend than a true connection steeped in deep respect and love, seasoned with fun and adventure.

I know that we all come to relationships with baggage and issues. I also know that sometimes we can make it line up so that rather than trigger each other’s weak spots, we can support and walk together in harmony. If you know from the outset that your baggage is going to hurt this woman, please step away now. If you know from here that you have more fear than love to give, please keep your fear to yourself. If you know that you are crazy about someone for three days and then you need a change, save us all from your three-day love on.

But if you see what I see, if you have the guts to open yourself up to such an amazing person, if you think you can be gentle with her heart, I recommend you jump now.  This woman is worth every second you can have with her.


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