Mothers’ Day

It’s Mothers’ Day.  As I write this Kate is playing the same two notes on the piano over and over again.  I love her.  Jack is recovering from the devastation he experienced this morning when he realized the croissants Greg made for our breakfast didn’t have chocolate in them.  I love him.  Greg is trying to tune his guitar in the midst of it all.  I love him. I’ve snuck off to the bedroom because honestly, the noise is a bit much.  (Ooh!  We’ve added a third note to the melody.)

But I won’t stay here long. Because the best parts of my life are in that room. Joining the cacophony is what brings the joy to this journey.  

In case you are wondering, the piano playing ended very suddenly just now followed by a little patter of feet and the declaration of “I have to go poo-poo!’ could be heard by even our neighbours I suspect.  

Happy Mothers’ Day!



One thought on “Mothers’ Day

  1. Love that photo you have. Greg and the kids doing the Wastussie. They
    know “They are on the best team and that’s where it’s at…….We know they can do the watussuie and that’s where it’s at”!

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