I’m not really sure what is happening.  But deep inside me is this urge to tell the truth.  Truth-telling hasn’t always been my forte.  At least truth telling about my secrets hasn’t always been my forte.  I’ve felt safe having secrets and showing only the parts I want to show.  But having secrets comes at a cost.  Secrets can hold you hostage.  They can make you feel like a liar and a fraud.  And they can keep you awake at night, even while they drain you of all energy during the day.  

So this week I’m stepping out.  I’m going to tell some truth.  It’s not something I step into lightly.  I’ve gone around and around, not quite sure that this is the place, the moment, the way.  But more and more I’m convinced that it will never feel like the right place, moment or way and the only way to move forward is to step out in faith.  So to you, those readers of my blog, and to those who know me in real life, I entrust you with my secrets this week. 


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