Love letters

Dear Summer, I love you.

Dear Ontario, Thank you for growing those peaches for all the rest of us.  They make life wickedly decadent for a few weeks each year.

Dear Beach Sand, Yep, you get stuck in my Crocs and in some uncomfortable creases but every grain is worth it.  I love carrying you home with me after an amazing afternoon playing and running and lying in you.

Dear Kathleen Edwards, Regina Spektor and Adele, You are my soundtrack this summer.  You rip my heart out every single time I hear you sing.

Dear Sweet-Ass CEGEP job, I really love you all year long but I especially love that you give me nearly three full months of holidays.

Dear Farmers with Markets, Ask any amount of me and I will buy those fresh tomatoes, the corn cobs right off the stalk, the snappy green beans.  At least this year.  Maybe next year I’ll try planting my own real vegetable garden.

Dear Canadian Lakes, How did you ever get so beautiful?

Dear BBQs, I take advantage of you in the summer.  I trust you don’t mind.  So many months of the year you are covered in snow.  I’ve got to have my way with you in the summer.  You understand.

Dear Marriages Made of Two Teachers, What could possibly be better than hanging out with your best friend all day long?

Dear Road Trips,  We’ve only just begun you and I.  I’ve got lots in store for us in the years ahead.

Dear Jack and Kate, Thank you for welcoming me back to the fun of summer.  I love swimming in the pool, digging for worms, hitting baseballs, jumping on trampolines, eating dripping ice cream cones and falling asleep in thirty seconds flat with you after all the day’s playing.

Dear Summer, I love you.