On Monday I become “available”.  That’s CEGEP-speak for ‘summer’s coming to an end folks!’  Technically it means I need to be available again for meetings, emails, phone calls, and office shuffling.  Realistically it means – the start of the semester is just 10 days away – get in all the summering you can NOW!  I figure, all told, that gives me 13 days of summer.  In a summer full of summer-less days spent in front of the computer, I have a lot of summering to fit into these last days.  Any suggestions for how to fit three months into 13 days??


One thought on “Availability

  1. play. at the beach, at the park, with the kids, with Greg. drink, eat chocolate, sleep in, stay up late (for fun not work) and watch a movie…
    breathe deep and enjoy the day

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