Just write

Really, how hard is it to write a sentence?  Oftentimes I find myself sitting in front of my computer these days completely unable to type out even one single sentence.  I’ve written hundreds of pages in this thesis so far, yet as the end comes into sight I find the simplest of writing tasks impossible.  Transitions, introductory sentences, concluding thoughts…these elude me and turn me into the grumpiest of writers.  A walk across the campus this morning reminded me that countless others have been in this place and have come out on the other side.  And now they are taking their turn walking across the green space (which is now a big, white tented carnivalesque happy delight!), sporting various McGill graduating costumes and beaming their biggest smiles to their family and friends gathered there.   I couldn’t be there when two of my dear friends and partners in crime had their moment on the McGill stage, but I’ve heard the story enough times that I can see Tom leading the charge behind the traditional piper.  Tom, who did it his own way!  Tom, who wrote so many sentences that his end-of-thesis-heartbreak came from having to remove sentences (and pages, and chapters…)  I’d love to be drowning my end-of-thesis-heartbreak with Tom over a pint (or two) but even if that was possible, I’d still have to come back to the computer and just write.  And Tom would say that – just write, it’ll come. 

So to Tom, to summer pints, to graduation garb, and to painful sentence construction…



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